Utility Aid, the leading energy broker to the not-for-profit sector, is delighted to announce the sponsorship of Matt Knoesen, an 8-year-old racing driver who competes alongside able-bodied children despite a spinal cord injury that has left him with limited use of his legs. Utility Aid will be sponsoring Matt as he enters the Honda Cadets series, which begins this month. The series is for drivers aged between eight and 13.


During his short, but so far successful career in racing’s Bambino season, Matt has achieved a staggering six podiums in nine races, winning four of those races. Earlier this month, Matt achieved a significant first in motor racing, becoming the youngest person in the UK with a spinal cord injury to pass the ARKS test and thereby gain a competitive racing license.


Just a week after passing, Matt took part in a race weekend at Lydd International Cart Circuit in Kent. He qualified fifth in the field but unfortunately a bad crash in the heats ended his weekend early. However, his conduct and driving over the course of the weekend saw him take home the Driver of the Day trophy, despite not actually taking part in the final race.


Giles Hankinson, CEO of Utility Aid, is delighted to be able to help Matt in his quest to one day become a professional racing driver: “From the moment I met Matt and his parents, Kerry and Gavin, I wanted to do something to support them. What Matt has achieved in life, despite the obvious obstacles in his way, is nothing short of mesmerising. To gain such success in a field that puts significant pressures on able bodied children, let alone those with significant injuries, is a testament to the young man’s determination and desire. His achievements are something we can all aspire to. It is an utter pleasure to be able to support him moving forward.”


As motorsport becomes more focused on inclusivity and accessibility, Matt’s story is helping to demonstrate the potential of drivers of all abilities. Currently, he is one of the few drivers who race with a physical disability in unmodified karts.


Despite his spinal injuries, Matt is determined to achieve his dreams. Matt’s parents hope that his approach will help other children with disabilities see that just because you are slightly different it does not mean you cannot achieve anything you want to: “We continue to be amazed by Matt’s determination and drive to be the best he can be in a sport that is not traditionally thought of as one that disabled people can compete in. And he’s not just there to make up the numbers. He’s had a hugely successful start to his career, and we have absolutely no doubt that he will continue on this path. It goes without saying, we are beyond proud and we’d like to thank Utility Aid for their generous sponsorship, which ensures Matt can continue to race this year.”


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