Invoice Validation

Invoice Validation

Every penny counts. Energy invoices are complex, and checking your organisation is not being overcharged, can be a huge time and cost burden.  To date, Utility Aid have recovered over £3.7 million of clients' money direct from suppliers. We provide a service to help you uncover these overcharges

1) Invoice Validation - Returning Money Directly to You

Did you know that invoices raised by energy companies are often incorrect? We find out if yours are right or wrong

How does Invoice Validation work?

Using advanced software, we process our customer's invoices and credit notes for the
duration of their energy contract. We check them against a comprehensive set of
validators. If errors are detected, we report them to you and then deal directly with the
suppliers to claim your money back. All moneys recovered are paid directly to you,
not us. Our invoice validation service is available for retrospective audits going back
over three years.

What are the benefits of Invoice Validation?

  • Recovery of your money
  • Allows you to focus on more important things within your organisation
  • Peace of mind that you are not paying more than you should be

How is it managed?

Our data centre manages all billing queries. These are fully auditable and we see them
right through until overpayments are credited back into your account.

Key Features of Invoice Validation

  • Change of Supplier check - we process your incumbent supplier' s final invoice to ensure the billing transition between suppliers is correct
  • We provide a multitude of reporting options based on your wants and needs
  • We use a wide range of validators to capture all the different areas that can be incorrectly billed
  • We give you your own login to our software to view your data and reports
  • Our suppliers provide us with dedicated account managers which means we receive more timely resolutions

Energy Monitoring

Energy monitoring is very important for organisations wanting to reduce their consumption. But, without knowing how you are using your energy, how can you make a change? We provide you with a reporting service that shows you consumption data graphically, highlighting areas of over consumption

How does Energy Monitoring work?

We import the data from your Half Hourly or AMR meter. From this we are able to
run it through our software and produce monthly reports based on your consumption.
The reports show times and days of excessive usage, highlighting base load and
enabling you to work to targets.

What are the benefits of Energy Monitoring?

  • Comparison from month to month
  • May identify sites which are not being energy efficient
  • Allows each site to work to targets for energy reduction
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